Careers in Astrophysics – A workshop by the Nordic Network for Early-Career Researchers in Astrophysics

When: 18th – 19th of September, 2014

Where: Copenhagen

Application Deadline: 1st of September, 2014


This lunch-to-lunch workshop will take a look at several topics that can or should concern you, if you are a post-doc. Which career options does an astrophysicist have? What is the best strategy for securing a permanent position? How can I learn to become a better scientist? When can I start a family? Should I stay in academia?

There will be a mixture of talks, moderated discussions and group work. And time for social networking!

We will hear from someone recently getting that permanent hire, someone deeply concerned about university careers and gender, someone from the interface of science and engineering, someone balancing family and career ambitions, someone bringing scientists and potential employers closer, and from each other.