Seminar on IMPACT in Horizon2020 Applications

Time: 27th of November, time TBA

Where: NLYSTH06, Nedre Lysthus, UiT


This is a seminar for people planning a coordinator application to the Horizon2020 program or researchers involved in writing Horizon2020-applications.


Overall, several proposal missed out because applicants failed to understand that Horizon 2020 is not business as usual. The Commission is very serious that research done in Horizon 2020 should not merely increase knowledge but have a real place in the market. In order to succeed in a call, the involvement of end users, a clear business plan for the results and other such activities should be included in the proposal.


Topics covered in the seminar:

  • Introduction to impact assessment and cost benefit analysis
  • Expected impact according to work programme-call text and how to cope with this
  • Methodologies to describe societal impacts with examples
  • Exploitation-dissemination of results as a mean to maximise impact
  • Award criteria and what the EU evaluators are looking at