Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing

Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing

When: The end of October/beginning of November

Where: UiT

Writing a thesis is a long and winding journey. It requires competencies beyond that of your chosen topic. You must be able to find the best literature for your project, review the existing literature, use this literature according to academic norms and then publish your findings in the best possible channels.

The University Library has created a comprehensive course consisting of four independent seminars, specifically targeted at PhD students. You can take all four of them, or pick just one or two if you are already familiar the subject, or if you’re too busy just now.

1. Think like an academic – write like an academic
Date: 27 October 12:15-15:00

2. Search like an expert
Humanities (28 October 12:15-15:00)
Medicine and health sciences (28 October 09:15-12:00)
Technology and natural sciences (29 October 09:15-11:00)
Social sciences (29 October 12:15-15:00)

3. Manage your references with EndNote
EndNote basic (3 November 9:15-12:00)
EndNote advanced (11 November 09:15-12:00)

4. How to publish your research open access
Date: 17 November 09:15-12:00

URL​: https://uit.no/tavla/artikkel/430302/take_control_of_your_phd_journey_from_p_reflect