SK-8003 Leadership skills – preparing PhD students for taking on leadership tasks

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Leadership skills may become handy both during and after your PhD. Sign up now for two days lectures about leadership, and two days of practical seminar given by Nordnorsk lederutvikling.

Application deadline: 1 April 2016

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The course run from 10–13 May 2016.

Course contents:

Most PhD students have little leadership experience and most lack leadership training or formal education to show for on their CV. Furthermore, few PhD-students are aware of their personal skills and leadership potential, or how to develop these. Despite these facts, many jobs available to candidates with PhD degrees, both outside and within academia, include leadership tasks such as project management, team leadership and supervision.
This course aims to prepare PhD students to take on leadership tasks once their degrees are completed. This will be achieved through introducing different leadership concepts and raising the PhD students` awareness of the value of leadership and how leadership takes many forms.
The second main objective is to make the PhD students reflect upon their own problem solving style and the associated advantages and disadvantages.
Objective of the course:
  • Be able to describe the contents of different theories on leadership
  • Be able to explain the range of leadership skills needed in order to practice good leadership
  • Be able to describe different problem-solving styles and their associated benefits and disadvantages


  • Use achieved knowledge as analytical tools to formulate, structure and discuss aspects of leadership
  • Be able to transfer knowledge of leadership and leadership skills to practical use
  • Be able to reflect upon own leadership skills and take steps to further ones development