DION and SiN support Iranian PhD Candidates

Doktorgradskandidatenes Interesseorganisasjon ved NTNU/The Interest Organization for Doctoral Candidates at NTNU (DION) and Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge/The Association of Doctoral Organizations in Norway (SiN) have issued a statement to show their support for the Iranian PhD Candidates at NTNU who have gotten their visa applications rejected. You can read the statement and get updated on the situation on DION’s web-pages.


URL: http://www.dion.ntnu.no/nb_NO/news/268/15/DION-and-SiN-supports-Iranian-PhD-candidates/

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Eurodoc Conference 2015

The planning of the next Eurodoc conference is in its infancy and the President of Eurodoc has called for inputs from the members. In 2015 he suggests that the member organizations will be invited to speak about their projects and the work that they do in their own countries. Realizing that many countries face the same issues and that some countries may even have solved them he wants Eurodoc to take a more active role and be the network and platform it is intended to be. In Norway Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge/The Association of Doctoral Candidates in Norway (SiN) has two representatives in Eurodoc. If you want to provide input to this process please contact TODOS and we will be more than happy to forward them to SiN and Eurodoc.


Eurodoc is is the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. It is an international federation of 35 national organisations of PhD candidates from the European Union and the Council of Europe. Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge/The Association of Doctoral Organizations in Norway (SiN) is a member of Eurodoc.


URL: http://www.eurodoc.net/

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Third Global Economic Governance Capacity Building Workshop

When: 4th – 15th of August, 2014

Where: University of Pretoria, South Africa

Application Deadline: 13th of June, 2014


The Department of Political Sciences, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria, together with the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), the leading foreign policy research institute on the African continent, invites government officials, academics, researchers and officials from relevant civil society organisations to apply for a capacity building workshop on ‘Global Economic Governance: A Focus on African Countries.’
This workshop, the second in our annual series, forms part of a bigger project on global economic governance as the process of rule-setting in global markets and institutions, as well as in global economics. The Global Economic Governance Africa project seeks to interrogate these issues from an African perspective. The project considers economic governance as broadly defined, looking at key institutions and groupings such as the G-20, BRICS, G-7/8, IBSA, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund


The objectives of the workshop include:

  • To strengthen knowledge and capacity building on Global Economic Governance
  • To ensure better understanding on the different factors, aspects, processes and key institutions that exist within and make up Global Economic Governance
  • To provide extensive discussion and interactive sessions on current issues and trends affecting Global Economic Governance
  • To provide a critical assessment of the impact of Global Economic Governance on African countries.


How to apply?

Please note that the workshop will be conducted only in English, therefore a proficiency in English is required. Applications should be submitted electronically to geg_9935@sendtodropbox.com


The following documents are required:

  • A letter of motivation, explaining what the applicant and his/her organisation/institution/employer hope to get out of the programme and how s/he will apply the skills learned;
  • A detailed CV with clear contact details and
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s employer, with clear contact details, committing the applicant to participate for the full duration of the course.


Please note that international travel costs and airport transfers to and from the venue, as well as accommodation costs and all meals will be fully sponsored by the organisers.

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Prioriteringer i langtidsplanen for forskning og høyere utdanning

Kunnskapsministeren la fredag 23. mai frem regjeringens prioriteringer i langtidsplanen for forskning og høyere utdanning. Gjennom langtidsplanen vil regjeringen satse på noen områder hvor Norge enten har strategiske fortrinn, behov for mer kunnskap eller for å stimulere til nye ideer, nye næringer og omstillingsdyktig kompetanse.

Følgende langsiktige prioriteringer i langtidsplanen skal bidra til å bygge kapasitet, sikre fleksibilitet og gi flere muligheter i fremtiden. De seks områdene som ressursinnsatsen på forskning og høyere utdanning skal rettes mot de kommende årene er:


  1. Hav
  2. Klima, miljø og miljøvennlig energi
  3. Muliggjørende teknologier
  4. Bedre og mer effektive offentlige tjenester
  5. Et innovativt og omstillingsdyktig næringsliv
  6. Verdensledende fagmiljøer


URL: http://www.uhr.no/aktuelt_fra_uhr/prioriteringer_i_langtidsplanen_for_forskning_og_hoyere_utda

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