Working with Norwegians (Seminar about the Norwegian working culture)

When: 9th of December, 2014 – 12:00 – 15:30

Where: UiT

Sign up by: 28th of November


The Norwegian workplace culture may be very different from the business culture in a lot of other countries and this may cause misunderstandings and frustration.

The seminar “Working with Norwegians” will give you practical insight into how Norwegians think and act – in a business and social setting. During the seminar we will convey the major cultural traits of the Norwegian workplace culture as well as how things are done in Norway.



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Langtidsplanen for forskning og høyere utdanning


Planen innebærer en historisk satsing hvor regjeringen gjeninnfører et tidfestet mål for forskningssatsinger. Regjeringen vil bruke én prosent av bruttonasjonalproduktet på forskning og utvikling (FoU), og tar sikte på at målet kan nås i perioden 2019-2020.


-I langtidsplanen staker vi ut kursen for å sikre arbeidsplasser og velferd i fremtiden. Skal vi lykkes med det, er vi helt avhengige av forskning og utdanning av fremragende kvalitet, sier kunnskapsminister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen. 


Langtidsplanen har tre overordnede mål: Å styrke Norges konkurransekraft og innovasjonsevne, løse store samfunnsutfordringer og utvikle fremragende fagmiljøer.


Regjeringen vil trappe opp bevilgningene innenfor seks langsiktige prioriteringer:

  • Hav
  • Klima, miljø og miljøvennlig energi
  • Fornyelse i offentlig sektor og bedre og mer effektive velferds-, helse- og omsorgstjenester
  • Muliggjørende teknologier
  • Et innovativt og omstillingsdyktig næringsliv
  • Verdensledende fagmiljøer


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TODOS Annual General Meeting

When: 18th of November, 2014 – 09:00 – 10:30 (Breakfast from 08:30)

Where: UB 132


This is a call for participation at the Tromsø Doctoral Students (TODOS) Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is the highest decision ranking body in TODOS. At the Annual General Meeting, the Board Chair will present the annual report and there will be elections for new board members. As a bonus treat, we will present the first results of the PhD candidate survey at the AGM.


The AGM will elect a new Board Chair, Vice Board Chair, Chair of Social Affairs, Chair of Academic Affairs, Treasurer and a General Board Member. The TODOS Board does important work for all PhD candidates at UiT and is dependent on your participation. If you want to be part of the Board , you get relevant organizational experience and either an extension of your work contract or equivocation of teaching duty hours. Being a board member also opens up opportunities for working at the national level with Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge (SiN – Association of Doctoral Organizations in Norway ) and the European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC).


If you intend to run for a position please send an e-mail indicating what position you would like to run for. It is possible to run for a position even though you have not sent an e-mail and even though you can’t participate physically in the meeting (in which case you have to write us an e-mail, of course). Even if you do not want to run for a position, please show up and use your right to vote. This is your opportunity to influence directly who will be representing you in the TODOS Board and who will be creating and hosting social and academic events in the coming year.


It is not mandatory to sign up, but if you are attending and would like to join us for breakfast, please let us know by the 11th of November by sending an e-mail to so that we can order enough food and coffee for everyone.


Best regards,

The TODOS Board

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ISFiT – Workshop on Corruption

When: 27th of October, 2014 – 0900 – 1200.

Where: SVHUM B-1005


Are you prepared to face dilemmas related to corruption in your future working life? How will you react if you meet corruption?

In cooperation with Deloitte and Selmer, ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim) invites to a workshop on corruption, on the knowledge you need to set a better position in the labor market. The seminar focuses on both how corruption happens and practical dilemma training. Upon completion of the seminar you get a diploma confirming participation.

Companies taken into corruption risks severe penalties and large, costly reputational damage. Therefore, today’s employers demand employees with the knowledge and awareness on corruption. During the seminar, two of the most prominent corruption investigators in Norway, Torgeir Storberget (Associate, Selmer) and Albert Wolders (Senior Manager, Deloitte), will explain how they think one can best handle encounters with corruption. Whether you serve in the Norwegian labor, or imagine working against actors outside Norway, this is knowledge that will make you better equipped in a future job

During the seminar we will draw a student who wins a sponsored trip to Trondheim to attend ISFiT Parliament, February 13th 2015. You will work with the international participants of the festival in the making of a Resolution on Corruption – The voice of the world’s students!

Visit for more information.


Sign-up (or just meet up on Monday):



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TODOS PhD Candidate Survey

Dear PhD Candidate,


Tromsø Doctoral Students (TODOS) is the interest organization for all PhD candidates at UiT – The Arcitc University of Norway. TODOS works to improve the general welfare of PhD candidates at the university. Over the last few years, we have organized social gatherings and academic breakfast seminars.


This fall, TODOS is planning its second PhD Candidate Survey. The first was held in 2011 and the results from that survey were very valuable in shaping the work that TODOS did until now and the type of events that we planned. The 2014 edition of the survey is your opportunity to tell us about what it is like to be a PhD Candidate in Tromsø and what you would like TODOS to work on in the future. We treat all responses as strictly confidential and none of the answers you provide will be traced back to you. All results are used in a manner that secures anonymity for all respondents. Please complete the survey by 24.10.2014 and you can join the draw for a gift certificate for two movie tickets. The survey takes 10 minutes to complete.




Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Best Regards,

The TODOS Board

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