Parenting through a PhD / Hvordan fullføre doktorgraden med barn

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Hvordan fullføre doktorgraden med barn – Praktisk informasjon og deling av erfaringer 

Fullføring av en doktorgrad samtidig som man er forelder kan være utfordrende. Har du lyst på tips og triks om det å kombinere foreldrerollen med din PhD? TODOS inviterer DEG til et interaktivt frokostseminar om gjennomføring av PhD og karriereutvikling, med barn. Bli med i diskusjon om praktisk informasjon, som rettigheter og permisjon, og deling av erfaring fra medstudenter og andre. Dette vil du ikke gå glipp av.


Dato: 22. september 2016

Tid: kl 09:00-11.00


Sted: TEO.HI 1.417 

Klikk på linken for å registrere deg! Påmeldingsfrist er 15. september.


Parenting through a PhD – Practical information and sharing experiences 

Completing a PhD while also parenting can be challenging. Are you ready to learn some tips and tricks about being a parent and doing a PhD? TODOS cordially invites YOU to an interactive breakfast seminar on doing your PhD and career development, with kids. Join us for discussions on practical information, such as parental leave and parental rights, and share in the experience of PhD students and people who were once in your shoes. Do NOT miss out!


Date: 22 September 2016

Time: 9:00-11.00


Venue: TEO.HI 1.417

Please use this link for registration! Deadline for registration is 15 September.

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PhD Courses From High North Academy (Autumn 2016)

Dear PhD candidates,

The summer holidays are coming to an end. Make sure you sign up for this autumns’ High North Academy courses before the deadline Sept 1. Our courses are open for all PhD candidates at UiT, regardless of scientific background. For detailed information, follow the links below.
Studweb is open, make sure you apply now to secure your seat!
FSK-8002 Scientific writing 24–28 October 2016 (3 ECTS)
Learn about the scientific publication process, peer reviewing, presentation skills, improve your manuscript through group work with a mentor, and improve your English writing skills.
FSK-8005 Funding your research 1–2 and 21–22 November 2016 (3 ECTS)
If you want to continue your research after the PhD, money is needed. Nowadays the competition for funding is strong, how can you write a proposal to the EU or the Norwegian Research Council that stand a chance? Understand the processes and evaluation criteria, and develop your own proposal with the help from experienced mentors. See also the schedule.
BIO-8010 Visualizing your science 7–11 November 2016 (3 ECTS)
Most of us have experience with research communication in two dimensions (written papers, posters etc.). How can your research be communicated in three dimensions? In cooperation with Tromsø museum, we offer a museum exhibition course and there will be a grand opening of the exhibition (exam) 1 December at Tromsø museum.
If you have any questions, please contact
Arve Lynghammar
High North Academy
Office: MODUL B 208
P: 77 64 67 96
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
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