Eurodoc Conference 2015

The planning of the next Eurodoc conference is in its infancy and the President of Eurodoc has called for inputs from the members. In 2015 he suggests that the member organizations will be invited to speak about their projects and the work that they do in their own countries. Realizing that many countries face the same issues and that some countries may even have solved them he wants Eurodoc to take a more active role and be the network and platform it is intended to be. In Norway Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge/The Association of Doctoral Candidates in Norway (SiN) has two representatives in Eurodoc. If you want to provide input to this process please contact TODOS and we will be more than happy to forward them to SiN and Eurodoc.


Eurodoc is is the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. It is an international federation of 35 national organisations of PhD candidates from the European Union and the Council of Europe. Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge/The Association of Doctoral Organizations in Norway (SiN) is a member of Eurodoc.



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