PhD Course: BIO-8006 Environmental systems: integrating monitoring, research and management – 10 stp

Two important challenges in environmental sciences are to assess how human drivers impact on environmental systems and the effectiveness of management policies to adapt or mitigate these impacts. Answering these challenges implies we need to set up multidisciplinary monitoring systems that can efficiently measure changes and identify causes of changes for entities that, more often than not, are monitored on incongruent scales.


The course therefore aims at integrating monitoring, research and management around three themes: climate systems, ecological systems (marine, freshwater, and terrestrial), and the relationships between society, climate and ecological systems. For each theme, the course will rely on concrete case studies from northern regions, as well as presentations of general principles, such as adaptive management and monitoring.


To give the students a broad overview of the actual researches ongoing in this multidisciplinary domain, a large number of professors and researchers will participate in the course/group discussions (e.g. Nigel Yoccoz, Rolf Ims, Kim Holmen, Sandra Hamel, Claire Armstrong, Hallvard Strøm, Cecilie von Quillfeldt, Per Arne Amundsen, Jane Jepsen, Ole Einar Tveito).


The course will be held during three intensive weeks in October, Wednesday to Friday of weeks 44 to 46.


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