ISFiT – Workshop on Corruption

When: 27th of October, 2014 – 0900 – 1200.

Where: SVHUM B-1005


Are you prepared to face dilemmas related to corruption in your future working life? How will you react if you meet corruption?

In cooperation with Deloitte and Selmer, ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim) invites to a workshop on corruption, on the knowledge you need to set a better position in the labor market. The seminar focuses on both how corruption happens and practical dilemma training. Upon completion of the seminar you get a diploma confirming participation.

Companies taken into corruption risks severe penalties and large, costly reputational damage. Therefore, today’s employers demand employees with the knowledge and awareness on corruption. During the seminar, two of the most prominent corruption investigators in Norway, Torgeir Storberget (Associate, Selmer) and Albert Wolders (Senior Manager, Deloitte), will explain how they think one can best handle encounters with corruption. Whether you serve in the Norwegian labor, or imagine working against actors outside Norway, this is knowledge that will make you better equipped in a future job

During the seminar we will draw a student who wins a sponsored trip to Trondheim to attend ISFiT Parliament, February 13th 2015. You will work with the international participants of the festival in the making of a Resolution on Corruption – The voice of the world’s students!

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