UiT Course: Teaching and Supervising International Students


Did you know that in general students consider talking about their issues with PhD candidates with teaching duties easier than talking with a professor? Did you know that 10% of the students at UiT are international students?  Are you prepared to meet their trust in a way that also addresses their needs as international students? Moreover, three out of ten PhD candidates are international candidates, while two out of ten in the academic personnel are also international. Are you ready for the challenge of teaching, supervising and working with more international academic staff and students? Are we all prepared to work together in a highly international environment?


If you want to be prepared and get ready for the challenge, you are invited to take the course “Teaching and supervising international students”, designed and developed in a participatory manner by a team of Norwegian and international students and academic staff.


Learning outcomes: This course is not about what others think you should learn, but about what you want to learn, according to your personal needs, and about what your international students expect from you. The course is designed and developed following the participatory paradigm where the primary beneficiaries (i.e. the academic personnel) and the secondary beneficiaries (i.e. the international students) are contributing together to formulating the learning outcomes. If you register until the 7th of December, you have the chance to decide what you will learn about, based on what you consider relevant for your own development. After this date you will not have this option anymore.


Dates: part I: the 18th and the 19 th of February, and part II: the 18th of March 2015


Place: will be announced later


Workload: 20-25 hours, including preparation and activities.  Literature and other details will be announced later (if you need these hours to be included in your teaching duties quota, let us know so we find a solution).

  • Before the first meeting: to be announced later.
  • Between the two meetings: to be announced later.


Application deadline: the 10th of January 2015.


How to apply: By Tavla: http://en.uit.no/tavla/artikkel/396010/teaching_and_supervising_international_students.


Target group: Any member of the academic personnel (including PhD candidates) working in an international environment is welcome to take this course. The course is open to 20 participants; late applicants will be included on a waiting list and if the demand is high, the group can be extended to 25.


Course coordinators: Melania Borit and Cornel Borit.


Why taking this course?


In an interactive setting, the participants will discover and practice strategies of becoming more effective teachers and supervisors in a multi-cultural environment. As a participant, you will find answers to some of the questions that the UiT academic personnel with teaching and supervision duties is asking when faced with the multi-cultural classroom:


  1. How can I build on my previous knowledge and experience so that I become better at teaching and supervising these culturally and linguistically diverse students?
  2. How to transform the challenge of having international students into a mutual learning experience?
  3. How to communicate effectively with an international audience?

Additional Information:

There are three priority groups that are allowed to take the course: 1. UiT employees registered in the UniPed program; 2. other UiT employees (except PhD candidates); 3. PhD candidates. This means that even though you register now you might not get a seat in the course if there are 25 registered people from the other two categories.

Note about registration:

If you register before 07.12 you do this through Tavla and send an e-mail to the course organizer about your learning interests. That way the course organizer can contact you and discuss what you would like to learn in the course. If you register after 07.12, it is a good idea to inform the course organizer about this, because the registration may not be counted by the Tavla-link administrator and we do not want you to miss out on taking the course.

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