Take control of your PhD Journey: From (p)reflection to publishing


Writing a PhD benefits from the acquisition of competencies outside of the specific study, e.g. being aware of current academic norms, knowing how to retrieve, manage and treat references, handling scientific research data, and being up-to-date about open access publication.

Take control of your PhD Journey: From (p)reflection to publishing is a seminar series organized by the University Library, designed for PhD students coming from all fields of study. It consists of five independent, yet interrelated, seminars, each of which containing a mix of theory, discussion and practical exercises.

Learning outcomes

If attending all individual seminars, the PhD student will be expected to have obtained the following learning outcomes:

•    Search scientific literature in relevant databases
•    Use EndNote for citing references as well as organizing them
•    Search relevant Open Access publishers
•    Manage research data according to best practice
•    Find and use repositories for archiving manuscripts and research data

•    Know and explain the whys for the transparency of science (textual publications and research data)
•    Know and explain what is considered correct citation and plagiarism
•    Know and explain why systematic literature search is important
•    Know about advantages and disadvantages with open access
•    Know and explain best practice for research data management

 For more information and registration, see https://uit.no/tavla/artikkel?p_document_id=449476


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