TODOS & Naturviterne: Breakfast Seminar on Procrastination 10. April

When: April 10, 2014, 09:00 – 10:00 (breakfast from 8:30)

Where: AUD UB-132

Please register by: April 7, 2014


Do you know what it is like to put important things off until it’s (almost) too late? Have you ever experienced doing something fun before something necessary and then found yourself in a pinch with the necessary task later? If so, then you have experienced procrastination. Everyone procrastinates now and then — sometimes more than others, some people more than others. When procrastination starts to become a habit, however, it can have quite negative consequences. In lots of ways.


TODOS and Naturviterne invite you to a breakfast seminar on procrastination. We are lucky to have Professor Tove I. Dahl come and give us this talk.

Professor Tove I. Dahl is an educational psychologist with a background in learning and motivation. One of her primary academic drives is understanding how to help learners do their very best — learning effectively, efficiently and for life. In that spirit, she has recently joined forces with colleagues at the Department of Psychology (IPS) on a relatively new research project that focuses on the nature of procrastination. Together with Professors Frode Svartdal (project leader) and Catharina Wang, they are exploring the conceptual, clinical and academic sides of the matter.


Please sign up for the event and the breakfast by following this link:

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